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It takes an ace tech team to transform the business digitally.

Meet KodeYoga, a ready tech team for your next software development project. We don’t just write codes, we craft a solution to meet the business objective.


Delivering optimal & simple software solutions for futuristic ideas


To make the software ecosystem more friendly & affordable to improve the quality & work life of ‘Software Artisans’



From consulting to deployment and beyond…

Your extended software development arm, ready to be deployed on the project. Do a project, hire a team or build your own, we have all.

Full Stack Development

Product Engineering

Cloud Engineering

UI Engineering

Test Engineering


Competencies, tough to find a match

The range is wide, because our experience is vast


The common in all of us is empathy, and that’s what make us a great team

Our competencies may vary, our style may vary, our past may vary, but our future is one, our goal is one, our mission is one.

Founder & CEO

Manav Prasad

Manav, an alumnus of Harvard Business School (online), IIM Kolkata and IIIT Pune comes with close to around 20 years of blended experience in IT Services, Product and Consulting companies he is able to manage talents in a very efficient way. Before starting KodeYoga he has managed talent at
companies, like Tavisca, ThoughtWorks, Compassites, Saba Software, Webonise etc. His people centric nature makes his job much easier as a talent expert. Manav is an avid speaker at various forums and at many academic institutions with an intent to share the knowledge with fellow colleagues and mentor a lot of students. Manav is an ardent networker and is a motivated self-starter possessing great leadership skills. In free time, he prefers driving and taking up long road trips.

A seedling of thought to establish an amazing consulting company which was watered by meeting like-minded people with similar vision is what got Manav to become a part of the KodeYoga journey. After which, there has no turning back!

Founder & COO

Ravindra Shirsath

Ravindra is a recruiter from the core who has worked in the ecosystem, across organisations for close to 15 years. He is a true people person who thrives on this strong connection with his network. He is a name to reckon with when it comes to getting switched on, agile developers who bring with them not just their expertise but also their maturity. If you are looking at building a team of empathetic humans with technical skills, Ravindra is your person to go to! Ravindra loves to trek and go for off-road rides when he is not busy building a dream team! His friends will vouch for his humour and easy to gel persona.

Ravindra wanted a team that would solve business problems for the clients by building quality software and when he met the founding team of KodeYoga, he knew this would soon be a reality.

Founder & CTO

Jayesh Kapadnis

Jayesh brings with him a decade of rich experience as a developer. He has played many roles across these years ranging from a Software Developer, Lead, DevOps, Architect to UX expert! Jayesh wanted to build a company that not only focussed on the client delivery but also a sanctuary for the employees who consult where they can focus on learning, delivering, enabling and empowering without succumbing to the pressures of the extrinsic issues that come with the territory.

He likes to solve Distributed Computing problems and work on containers and orchestration. And while is one of the founders of KodeYoga, he is a geek at heart who loves to learn new programming languages and use them to solve real life problems.

Founder & CDO

Anuj Kumar

Anuj Kumar, comes with more than a decade of experience primarily as a developer. He has donned many hats from senior developer to leading a development team. He brings with him a lot of expertise on the technology side in JVM languages, functional programming, containerization, DevOps, cloud platforms, testing automation, UI development, mobile app development, distributed computing, event driven architecture, etc.

Anuj wanted to contribute to building a team of like-minded people who come together with the aim to build a culture where employees work together not just to deliver projects but also where they enjoy the journey travelled to reach there too which got him to forming KodeYoga.

Abhishek Pal

Consultant (Developer)

Akshay Mhetre


Arshadali Sayed

Consultant (Developer)

Gursimran Singh

Consultant (DevOps)

Himanshu Mishra

Consultant (Developer)

Hrushikesh Lokhande

Consultant (Developer)

Prashant Murkute

Consultant (Developer)

Prem Dubey

Consultant (DevOps)

Shiva Bandari

Consultant (DevOps)

Shubham Gupta

Consultant (Developer)

Swarnlata Kumari

Consultant (QA)


Tested, and Won

We are young and busy in growing this list of happiness


The hard work is being recognized.


Join the force

Calling equally passionate people to join the team, let’s grow together.

Full Stack Developer
DevOps Engineer
UI Developer
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